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About Virginia

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Virginia Richardson is the Founder of Life Edit and based in Nashville, TN. After completing undergrad, Virginia spent time in London taking courses in Holistic Nutrition at the University of Westminster School of Integrated Health. When she returned home to The South, Virginia put her love for nutrition aside and became a Sales Executive for a financial firm, where she managed top-level clients for 10 years. 

After she and her husband welcomed the birth of their daughter, Lilah, Virginia began to reevaluate her life path. By the end of 2014, Virginia had left her corporate job to become a certified end-of-life doula. Her time caring for people nearing the end of life was a wake up call to the importance of editing our lives so we can prioritize what matters most. 

In the process of editing her own life, Virginia discovered a passion for helping other people edit and find theirs. In 2017, Virginia completed her nutrition certification with the goal of creating manageable meal plans for each individual and their unique lifestyle. Through her health, home, and closet editing services, she’s now able to help others clear their own paths to experiencing deeper joy and fulfillment right where they are.


About Brooke

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I believe in changing habits over a period of time rather than extreme shifts via diet fads or cleanses. Quick fixes often don't last, many don't work, and they often leave you feeling defeated. No foods are completely off limits, as long as I choose to eat whole foods eighty percent of the time. I eat bread every day. (Gasp!) I know. But guess what? I have great news... sandwiches are not evil! 

As a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, I also encourage my clients to eat whole foods eighty percent of the time. And don't worry, we'll talk more about what those "whole foods" might look like for you when we meet for your free consultation.  

I believe in meeting you exactly where you are and equipping you with custom and practical wellness plans that match your stage of life. The reality is that in order to see lasting change, I have to help you create maintainable lifestyle changes. I'll work with you to create new patterns that are sustainable, with the belief that you can overcome unhealthy eating habits in any season of life.