A Sustainable Reset

Why Health Edit Reset?

There is a TON of information out there and believe us, we have read it all!  We know that it can be overwhelming to know which path to choose when desiring to get healthier, feel more energized and lose unwanted body fat.  We designed this program to be a balanced and practical way to get results.  If you want to learn how to correctly fuel your body without messing up your metabolism from under-eating or gaining fat from over-eating we recommend this reset.   We have both personally seen incredible results from the process we have put together for you and are confident that if you commit to the program you will have tools to help you long term.  

We believe that life is short and is meant to be enjoyed!  We also know that taking care of our bodies is important to feel energized and confident and discipline coupled with the right tools is a key factor in getting there.  

We know that it can be difficult to embark on a new health journey alone, which is why Brooke and I are teaming up to be your guides! Our program is designed to help you build sustainable habits that will leave you feeling full of life and in control. We created this with wellness expertise and a knack for helping you simplify your life without getting overwhelmed in the process. It will be fun and, most importantly, it will yield tangible results!


Our goal is to help you achieve your ideal weight slowly and to make lifestyle changes that you can sustain long-term. We don’t believe in 5-day quick fixes, but in small changes over time that will make a real impact on your health. Our philosophy: plan your nutrition just like you plan other aspects of your life. To plan ahead is to plan for success. In Health Edit Reset, you’ll learn how to create and sustain change, and you’ll have two excited coaches cheering for you along the way!  We’re here to make sure you have the exact tools you need for success, because your wins are our wins, too!



What's Included


Health Edit Reset Essential — $119

+  Personalized macro plan to help you gain control of your eating habits and gain energy

+  Recipes and meal prep tips for efficient, delicious, and nutritious meals

+  Strategy for cultivating the right mindset and developing life-changing habits

+ Access to Facebook Group community with questions answered by Brooke & Virginia

+ All the resources you need to learn about flexible dieting and counting macros

Health Edit Reset Plus  — $196

+ Includes everything from the Health Edit Reset Basic package

+ One 30-min One-on-One Strategy Coaching Call with macro adjustments if needed.



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Brooke embodies the perfect combination of patience and motivation. She is gracious but set the bar high and believed in me every step of the way. I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to work with Brooke and finally experience food freedom.
— Stephanie Goodwin

Brooke’s help has been an amazing addition to my life. I’ve learned so much about food and how to make healthier choices. She lets everyone develop at their own pace and is very flexible with each person’s adaptation to a better/healthier lifestyle. It isn’t an overnight fix, but it’s a lasting one and one of the best investments I’ve ever made!
— Janna Wyatt

The added bonus of working with Brooke is that not only is she super knowledgable in health and fitness but she radiates an energy that is like no other. She makes you want to strive to be the best version of yourself. Brooke is an encourager and a believer. She has a heart of gold and a soul that is one of the most genuine and pure. She will be your biggest cheerleader.
— Whitney Morris
Virginia nailed my plan and I quickly saw results. After looking back at what I used to eat, I found many areas that I needed to clean up. Now I feel more energized, definitely lost body fat, and my workouts have improved.
— Amzie Williams, Co-Owner Shed Group Fitness

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Virginia is such a wealth of knowledge. She has been so wonderful to work with. Her meal plan and educated guidance helped me lose the last of my baby weight while sustaining energy throughout the day. Her approach and coaching is highly recommended. She has been a pleasure to work with!
— Laura Hysmith

Just wanted to say thank you to Brooke and Virginia. I am not a meal prep pro but Wynne and I have both lost weight and feel really good overall. We know this is a journey and a lifestyle change/mind shift. We are making the shift thanks to this health edit reset. I am down 10 pounds and am going to keep it going. Thank y’all again!!
— Stephen Elder

Let's Get Started!


Our Philosophy

If you’re like us, you don’t have all the time in the world to prepare elaborate, healthy meals each day, but you still desire to eat better. Thankfully, nutrition can be simplified and customized to work with anyone’s lifestyle. By familiarizing you with your body’s macronutrient needs, we can set you up to properly nourish your mind and body with a healthy balance of fat, protein, carbs.

There are two simple, proven ways to lose weight—reduce calories and increase protein—but in our culture of dieting fads and conflicting information, it’s hard to know what “eating healthy” even means when you’re embarking on a new health journey. In Health Edit Reset, we break down your personalized macronutrient needs based off your age, weight, activity levels, and goals. Once you understand your daily nutritional needs, you can fuel your body more effectively.

Our goal is for our clients to lose weight slowly and make lifestyle changes they can sustain. We don’t believe in 5 day quick fixes or in punishing our bodies through dieting. Instead, we believe that being generous to our bodies through small, healthful changes over time will make the biggest impact on lifelong mental and physical well-being.


More About Brooke & Virginia

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Brooke Rosolino | @brookerosolino

Brooke has been immersed in the fitness industry since 2007—that’s more than ten years! She's a certified fitness nutrition coach through ISSA and is committed to staying up-to-date on cutting edge nutrition research. Brooke counts macros herself and is passionate about helping other people get the most out of their workouts and meet their body fat goals without sacrificing adventurous meals with friends or the occasional glass of wine! She believes life is meant to be truly enjoyed, within the context of discipline and strategy, and she loves helping people build a healthy lifestyle that will actually work for them long term!

"I've been going to group fitness classes consistently since 2009 and I got so tired of seeing people workout constantly and not see results. Nutrition was the missing link. That's why I partnered with Virginia to create Health Edit Reset, to help equip you with the resources to shift the way you fuel yourself for LIFE."

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Virginia Richardson | @yourlifeedit

Virginia found her love for nutrition in 2003 when she attended the University of Westminster School of Integrative Health. In 2017, she became a certified fitness nutrition coach through ISSA, but she’s a lifelong student of nutrition and is always excited to integrate new scientific breakthroughs into her health practice. She is passionate about exercise, but understands the importance of fueling your body through nutrition to see results outside of the gym.

"Brooke was my health coach after having my daughter and she taught me the importance of understanding my individual body's needs based off my fitness goals. Before meeting Brooke, I was exhausted after most of my workouts. She taught me how to correctly fuel my body to perform in the gym and sustain that energy throughout the day. Now I want to help others meet their body composition goals. We created Health Edit Reset to give you the foundation you need to meet your fitness and lifestyle goals as you age."


Together, we’ve coached and developed macronutrient plans for hundreds of men and women who have seen desired results. 

Email hello@healtheditreset.com with questions! 


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